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August 2020 Cruises

Enjoy summer sun at sea !

More About August 2020 Cruises


Enjoy the best of summer on an August cruise to your favourite destinations. Island hop around Greece and explore the sights of antiquity along with white sand beaches and clear blue waters. In the height of summer this is also the ideal time to visit legendary European cities such as Dubrovnik (recently made famous all over again as a regular filming location for "Game of Thrones"), the city of canals, Venice or, perhaps, Sicily where Italian culture is combined with a unique sense of independence and nation-hood all of its own.

Here at Cruise Direct we have a great selection of August 2020 cruises available to choose from.

Selected August 2020 Cruise Deals

Destination Of The Month | Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is renowned for its warmth and intensely blue waters that surround sun-drenched islands.

Picture this on one of our Mediterranean Cruises; You imagine your-self strolling amongst the fashionably rich on the beachside promenade in Monte Carlo, or relaxing in a street cafe in Rome enjoying a cafe latte and watching the world go by. The Mediterranean really is your oyster.

Our Mediterranean Cruises will take you to destinations brimming with culture, art and fine cuisine and the cruises in this area are as diverse as the area itself, so you are sure to find a Mediterranean cruise that is best tailored to what you like.

Selected August Mediterranean Cruise Deals