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Helsingborg Port

More About Helsingborg Port
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Helsingborg in detail

Helsingborg is a gorgeous coastal city in Sweden with just under 100,000 inhabitants. Whatever type of holiday you like to go on, we are absolutely certain that Helsingborg can provide. The city boasts the historic atmosphere many tourists crave: stone built churches and medieval structures can be found throughout the city centre.

There is also a main shopping street in the city – one of the first ever to be pedestrianised – where you can be certain to find traditional and authentic gifts as well as plenty of high street favourites. Helsingborg is also home to a small but incredible zoo where a few of the animals are at liberty to walk among the visitors! There are also museums and craft houses, concert halls and much more. The trick is to be open-minded and see where your feet take you.


  • Time Zone GMT +1
  • Currency Swedish Krone (SKr)
  • Language Swedish
  • Population 100,000