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10 things to do in the Med

10 things to do in the Med

The world’s largest inland sea, enclosed by three continents, stretches more than 2,200 miles from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Black Sea. Offering a seductive mix of cultures, geography and history, the Mediterranean could be said to be the world in microcosm. Here are our top ten attractions.


  1. From Piraeus, the port of Athens, you can explore the imposing Acropolis and the Parthenon, or sample Athenian life in the ancient Plaka district.


  1. A British feel abounds in the Menorcan capital Mahon, which commemorates Admiral Nelson’s visits in the potent local Nelson gin.


  1. Spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain in eastern Sicily, Taormina is popular with holidaying high-rollers and those wanting a taste of la dolce vita, but don’t miss the stunning Greek theatre carved from solid rock.


  1. From the Greek port of Katakolon you can visit the sacred setting of the Olympic Games for over 1,000 years.


  1. Venture beyond the citadel that is Rhodes Town and Greek gods come to life at Trianda - a hilltop village containing the ruined temples of Athena and Zeus.


  1. In Venice – known the world over as La Serenissima – treat yourselves to a Campari at Café Florian in St Mark’s Square; enjoy a romantic walk across the Rialto; or a vaparetto ride along the Grand Canal.


  1. Legend has it that Santorini is the site of the Lost City of Atlantis; in the capital of Thira iridescently-white houses are adorned with wooden doors and shutters painted in vivid blues.


  1. Split dates back to the days of Diocletian, a visit to the Roman Palace of Emperor Diocletian is to journey back in time.


  1. Founded by the Romans, Kotor lies at the head of the Mediterranean’s only fjord. Within the medieval walled city is a labyrinth of streets, elegant piazzas, Romanesque churches, and 6th century clock tower.


  1. From Livorno there are tours to Florence – the birthplace of the Renaissance - where the architectural wonderland that is Piazza della Signoria is truly breathtaking.


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  • 8th January 2018