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Boxing Day

Boxing Day

If ever there was an anticlimax, it’s Boxing Day. Her Majesty has said her piece, ovens around the country are cooling down, wheelie-bins are overflowing with torn wrapping paper, and a plink-plink fizz of Alka Seltzer is the loudest noise most of us can bear. Our televisions have hardly paused for breath in recent weeks bringing us the winners of X-Factor and Strictly, as well as dramatic plots in the ‘soaps’. But now our screens are about to burst into life with a seasonal bounty of travel adverts.

Images of sun-kissed beaches and fun-filled days on deck are certainly preferably to the dreich weather outside our windows, but should we believe the hype? Boxing Day kicks off the traditional peak booking season for holidays, especially cruises. Too-good-to-refuse incentives appear as regularly as meerkats advertising insurance, but it would be festive folly to book your next trip on a doldrums-induced whim.

Without doubt this is a great time to book a cruise, but savvy travellers prefer to do their homework first. www.cruisedirect.co.uk  is full of easy to use tools that offer a wealth of information to ensure you select a voyage that’s right for you. There are plenty of enticing offers at this time of year, but the ones you see on the slick TV adverts are not necessarily the best deals for you. These ‘steals’ might be the ones cruise companies want to promote to fill their ships, but you need to make sure you get a cracker not a turkey.

That humdrum time before and after Hogmanay is a perfect opportunity to discover which cruises catch your eye, and there’s no better time to discuss your options with our specialist advisors on 0800 484 0370. Imagine the satisfaction at bagging yourself a cruise that’s a better deal than those flashy television commercials. It puts a whole new meaning to Boxing Day ‘sails’.

  • 26th December 2016