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Bucket list cruise itineraries

Bucket list cruise itineraries

There’s always a buzz in the air when a cruise ship sets sail, that frisson when people are excited and exhilarated. But for many travellers cruising is not so much a means of going somewhere, merely a roundabout way of getting back. As a holiday option cruising has become increasingly mainstream and companies are continually striving to come up with ‘bucket list’ itineraries that ensure you can not only tick those beguiling destinations off your list – you can do so in considerable comfort.

What better way to see Greece - a nation of islands scattered across the Aegean Sea and beyond - than on a cruise? In Santorini you can watch a fiery sunset from a hillside village of white adobe houses and blue-domed churches. In Mykonos wander through a labyrinth of sugar-cubed dwellings with whitewashed walls interspersed with doors and window frames painted an intense blue and balconies draped with crimson bougainvillea. Christian pilgrims have been visiting the island of Patmos since St John wrote the ‘Book of Revelations’ in the Cave of the Apocalypse, now cruise passengers revel in this tranquil island full of antiquity.

In terms of geography, Alaska may be America’s ‘Last Frontier’, but when it comes to untamed natural beauty it is first without equal. The dramatic scenery is some of the most awe inspiring that can reached by cruise ship. Virtually all voyages navigate via the Inside Passage - the spectacular labyrinth of islands, inlets, fjords and mountains - that starts north of Vancouver Island and runs to Juneau, the Alaskan state capital and beyond.

For many, the word Caribbean is synonymous with cruising. This collection of 7,000 differing islands set in azure seas, each with their own culture and style, are perfect for those seeking a harmonious compilation of ports. There’s unsurpassed duty-free shopping in the US Virgin Islands; while is St Barths the harbour, brim-full of mega yachts, is surrounded by red-roofed cantaloupe-coloured stucco cottages, overflowing in French chic. The British influence is omnipresent on Antigua where there’s a beach for every day of the year; a similar heritage abounds in St Kitts. Roseau is the jumping off point for visits to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park; then at Castries in St Lucia, Columbus Square is lined with brightly painted shops and houses in shades of amber, saffron, pink and blue.

Cruising has evolved beyond recognition since the days of the Saturday night television show ‘The Love Boat’. The rich palette of choices appeals to first-timers and experienced cruisers alike. The choice of intriguing itineraries for those who wish to expand their horizons has never been greater. To fulfil those ‘bucket list’ dreams speak to our experienced team on 0800 484 0370.

  • 7th November 2017