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Explore the world of luxury cruising

Explore the world of luxury cruising

If ever there was a word that’s been battered and bruised over recent years, its ‘luxury’. This commonplace adjective now seems to precede every utterance of ‘cruise’ and has frankly ceased to convey any value whatsoever. Advertising campaigns eulogise about luxury sofas, luxury bath oils, and luxury ice cream; but let’s face it, there’s nothing particularly luxurious about any of these products. However, in the exuberant world of cruising, the stellar array of stars bestowed on a few delightful ships really does promise panache, indulgence – and even luxury.

While many ships resemble floating mega-resorts, true luxury ships are a bijou collection that offers an indulgent experience for between 100 and 1,000 passengers. Renowned for their take on luxury, Crystal Cruises; Regent Seven Seas Cruises; Seabourn Cruise Line; SeaDream Yacht Club and Silversea Cruises offer a passport to an indulgent world. From bow to stern, each of these gems dispels the myth that an abundance of personal space at sea is the preserve of private gin palaces owned by oligarchs and billionaires.

Luxury at sea is about warmth, personalisation, quality and tailored products and services. While palatial top-tier suites offer the ultimate in stylish living, all ships in the luxury bracket come with an array suites and staterooms that boast a private balcony and well-appointed marble bathroom. When it comes to cuisine, luxury ships’ restaurants often surpass over-rated celebrity-endorsed establishments on land. Even when you’re relaxing by the pool aboard this rare breed of ships, flunkies will be on hand to provide cool towels and bring refreshing drinks. On board these incomparable ships you are wrapped in a silken sheath of indulgence heading to enchanting ports that mass-market ships avoid.

While the price of a luxury cruise might appear expensive at first glance, the all-inclusive concept has an inherent value beyond compare. So while luxury ships will almost always have a headline price that’s more expensive than premium ship voyages, the host of items included make these deals a steal. What’s more, you won’t have to keep signing bills for drinks and other annoying incidentals.

As travellers become more sophisticated, luxury cruise ships have had to become more inventive to appeal to them, so a butler and a great view don’t cut it any longer. As connoisseurs of cruising appreciate, smaller vessels offer a haven of hospitality that is impossible to deliver on larger ships. For more advice speak to our experienced team on 0808 256 6742.

  • 28th December 2017