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Star Clipper in Borneo

Star Clipper in Borneo

The world’s third largest island, Borneo, is an exciting new destination for Star Clippers in 2020. Known for its beaches and ancient, bio-diverse rainforest, Borneo is home to many cultures, cuisines and exotic wildlife, including orang-utan; clouded leopards; and the Irrawaddy dolphin. Sailing aboard one of the world’s most spectacular ships, the 12-night holiday takes in an unforgettable, exotic blend of culture, nature, history and wildlife.

Star Clippers offer a cruise experience like no other and recreate images of the much-loved television series ‘The Onedin Line’. For an adventure on the waves which includes the atmosphere and character of traditional sailing combined with the comfort and luxury found on most modern cruise ships, Star Clippers vessels are unrivalled. You feel the wind in your hair and the salty breeze in your face. Each tall ship offers an intimate experience and whilst the surroundings hark back to the clippers of the nineteenth century, the personable service and conviviality of like-minded fellow sailors is unique in today’s gamut of cruise ships.

For the new Borneo fly-stay-cruise departures in May and September 2020, the company has put together a bespoke 12-night fly-cruise-and-stay package for British guests. This includes a night’s pre-cruise stay in at the Park Hotel Clarke Quay Singapore, a night post-cruise stay at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Borneo, return international flights and a 10-night sailing from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo aboard the inimitable Star Clipper.

Guests will experience the sea air, the thrill of sailing beneath thousands of feet of billowing sails in the company of just 170 or so other guests, in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. The ship navigates between the islands, dropping anchor in secluded and idyllic bays and calling into small ports and harbours inaccessible by larger vessels. Complimentary water-sports give guests the opportunity to discover life beneath the water too, with flippers and snorkels offered to all, to discover the teeming marine life beneath the idyllic, warm waters. Tropical palm fringed beaches and culturally rich villages, a world away from home, add to the life-long memories created by this magnificent voyage.

  • 17th October 2019

Gary Buchanan

Edinburgh-born Gary Buchanan has been a travel writer for over 30 years. He has been a specialist cruise writer for 25 years contributing to leading British publications including national newspapers and consumer magazines. He is the author of five books about cruising and spends over seven months every year at sea sailing the world’s oceans.