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Ten Facts about The Most Famous Queen Mary 2 and Cunard

Ten Facts about The Most Famous Queen Mary 2 and Cunard

Widen your knowledge of the famous Cunard Cruise Line and their amazing ships such as the Queen Mary 2. There's more than meets the eye.

1. The ship's whistles on Queen Mary 2 feature an original whistle from Queen Mary,so that her famous predecessor’s voice will once more be heard on the ocean. They are audible for 10 miles - that is one LOUD whistle!

2. The annual beef consumption on Queen Mary 2 would supply a city the size of Southampton each year.

3. Queen Mary 2 has a planetarium on board - the first at sea - offering a variety of incredible constellation shows, as well as other presentations. It is literally out of this world.

4. Queen Mary 2 is 147ft longer than the height Eiffel Tower (984 ft.). Ooh la la!

5. Cunard have one of the youngest fleets at sea - Queen Mary 2 is oldest in the fleet, celebrating her 10th Anniversary this year (still a baby in cruise ship terms)

6. Queen Elizabeth is the second largest Cunarder ever built.

7. Queen Mary 2 is the most expensive Cunard ship ever built, costing $800 million USD!

8. Queen Victoria's maiden voyage was sold out even before she was built!

9. Queen Victoria is the only Cunard ship to have had the misfortune of the christening Champagne bottle not breaking when released against the bow

10. Weddings at Sea are available on all ships - what a truly unforgettable way to tie the knot!

  • 10th October 2014
  • Louise Hopper