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Top 10 Reasons to Cruise

Top 10 Reasons to Cruise

The beauty of a cruise holiday is that it can be exactly what you want it to be. Whether you want to relax, sightsee or get involved in onboard activities, you set the itinerary. So why cruise? Here's our top 10 reasons to get onboard with cruising:

1. Wake up in a new destination every day

Imagine leaving one beautiful location and waking up the next morning in an entirely new one waiting to be discovered? Cruising offers multiple holidays in one with an added bonus being you only need to unpack your case once!

Cruises visit nearly every part of the world, so why not discover different ports of the Med, Eastern Europe, Caribbean, Canada, Australia or United Arab Emirates? There's dozens of different cruises on offer with varied itineraries available on each.

2. Everything's included

A big plus of cruising over other holidays is that everything is already included when you book , so no need to worry about spending any money on board. Meaning you can sit back, relax and really enjoy your cruise as dining, entertainment, service and on board activities are provided for you. You can even book port excursions before you go, taking the worry out of planning when you get there and means you'll spend less when you are there too – unless of course, you like to shop!

Cruising offers great value for money and really makes a different to the amount you pay for your holiday when you don't need to buy meals everyday.

3.So much to do on land or sea

With cruising, there's so much to do on your ship and at each destination. Want to keep it relaxed? Take a dip in the numerous pools on board, or relax in the sauna or spa. You don't even have to leave your room, with room service included in the price! When you get to port, take a stroll around and soak up the culture or go for a long, lazy lunch. Prefer to be more active? Ships offer comedy shows, live music, sports, shopping, casinos, bars and nightclubs and gyms. Or take it to the extreme by ziplining, ice skating or surfing. There's always something to do.

4. There's a cruise out there for everyone

No matter how you choose to travel, there's a cruise out there perfectly suited to your needs. You can cruise on your own, in a couple or with a family – there's cruise ships specialising in all of these types of holidays.

Looking for something a little more unique? Try a speciality cruise: golf, wellbeing, fine dining, total luxury, art, Christmas and romantic cruises are a few available to whet your appetite.

5. Cruising doesn't have to mean crossing oceans

The expectation of cruising is that you'll cross oceans, making stop offs at certain ports. It's not always the case – river cruising has become really popular in the past few years. Think of a river cruise as a smaller version of traditional cruising – the ship is smaller and the feel is more laidback as you slowly saunter down some of the world's most beautiful rivers taking in the scenery as you go.

6. It's a great way of meeting new people

If you're single or just want to meet new people, cruising's a great way to do this. You'll normally be seated with the same guests at dinner in the evening, and you'll really get to know them whilst on board. Everyone's super friendly, and many friend has been made. It's not unheard of for friends who've met to book on to the same cruise next time. Cruise ships are where lifelong friendships are forged.

7. It offers something a little different

Many cruise lines now offer guest speakers or lecturers, – making your cruise a journey into another world of celebrity, politics, journalisms or acting. Be entertained as well known speakers give you an insight into their facinating careers. Guest lecturers speak about topics such as history, astronomy, maritime, history and world affairs. A unique opportunity to learn whilst on holiday!

8. Ships are getting innovative

As technology improves, so do cruise ships. Latest ships come with amazing new features such as WiFi on board, interactive digital displays to order items and reserve dining and specialist technology to improve environmental performance.

9. It's just like staying in a 5* hotel

When you arrive on board any ship, you'll be stunned at just how luxurious it is. It's the norm for ships to offer this luxury and it's comparable to staying in a 5* hotel, which makes it even better value for money. Who wouldn't love that?

10. Combinations mean you can do it your way

Dread the thought of getting on a plane? When you cruise, you can leave from a choice of ports around the UK – Southampton being a popular choice. Go sightseeing around the city before you board and enjoy a drink on deck as the city skyline disapears before you. If you love flying, there's the option of fly and cruise holidays. Or if you want to spend longer at your port destination then you can stay at a hotel for a few days – all organised before you go.

Get on board and let Barrhead Travel's specialist consultants plan your perfect cruise holiday. Call 0808 168 6211 now.

  • 22nd September 2014
  • Louise Hopper