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Valentine's Day at Sea

Valentine's Day at Sea

Since the beginning of time, the sea has romanced explorers, poets and lovers alike. Can there be anywhere better to ‘pop the question’ than snuggling up with the one you love on your private balcony gazing out at a tropical moon shining on a velvet blue sea while the throb of the engines adds to the beating of hearts?

If you think this scene is reserved for romantic fiction, think again. Now that cruises are so affordable why not book a last-minute fly/cruise and trade February chills at home for the caressing warmth of the Caribbean or Arabian Gulf; the exotic delights of the Far East or South America. But if your intended life-partner is content whether it rains or shines, there’s a host of options that won’t turn out to be passion-killers.

The notion of a cruise ship being a perfect hideaway for loved-up couples is nothing new. Forty years ago the schmaltzy American television show ‘The Love Boat’ dispelled the myth that seaborne romance was something that dare not speak its name. One thing this phenomenally popular sit-com did convey in spades was the miraculous power of a cruise ship to instil romance in even the most staid of souls.

Cruise lines have perfected the art of romance at sea. You can be pampered with couples’ massages or relax in a thermal spa; enjoy a touch of old world glamour with a black-tie dinner at an intimate table for two in one of the ship’s speciality restaurants; have breakfast in bed or on your private balcony – accompanied by bucks fizz.

An important consideration should be your choice of accommodation. Your romantic love-nest could turn out to be less appealing if it’s an inside cabin with single beds. Splurge on a balcony cabin where you can stage your own enactment of Romeo and Juliet, or up the ante further and opt for a suite where your butler will chill the champagne, serve a romantic dinner on your private balcony - and maybe even cover your bed in rose petals.

When it comes to excursions there are bountiful opportunities to get down on your knee. How about proposing as you horse ride together along a deserted tropical beach; during a two-person parasail; or even during a helicopter flight for two over azure seas and coral reefs?

The options for couples searching for Cupid’s arrow at sea are endless but you’ll need to act quickly. Check out the deals at www.cruisedirect.co.uk or phone 0800 484 0370. It could be the one call that will change your life.

  • 10th February 2017