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Why Choose a River Cruise?

Why Choose a River Cruise?

At a recent River Cruise event, we asked guests to complete a short survey highlighting their top reason for choosing a river cruise holiday over another type of holiday. We are always really interested to hear customers opinions and were particularly interested to find out that the top reasons for choosing a river cruise were:

  • Being onboard a smaller, more intimate vessel than ocean cruising
followed closely by:

  • Value for money
River cruising is a unique type of travel and holiday, which a huge number of people have grown to love. It allows you to take in the fascinating sites and sounds of numerous destinations from the comfort of a smaller sized ship, with a hotel feel.

We always aim to provide customers with the best deals possible on all our cruises so for more information on river cruising and current offers, contact our experts on freephone 0808 168 6211.

  • 3rd November 2014
  • Louise Hopper