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Fred Olsen Ribs

Fred Olsen Ribs

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines recently showcased its ‘closer’ credentials to guests on board Balmoral and Braemar, when the two ships docked alongside each other in Oslo. As well as taking a range of shore excursions around the Norwegian capital, or making the most of the opportunity to explore this fascinating city independently, more than one hundred Fred. Olsen guests were also able to experience an exhilarating ride on the Rigid Inflatable Boats ‘RIBs’ aboard Balmoral and Braemar. 

Central to Fred. Olsen’s new approach to cruising, where exploration is far from a cliché, the RIBs offer an up close and personal experience. They are 30ft long, convey 10 guests, and can travel at speeds up to 30 knots. “When we realised that Balmoral and Braemar would both be in Oslo on the day two brand new RIBs were being installed on board Braemar, we decided that it was a great opportunity to put all our power boats into full use across the two ships,” said Peter Deer, Commercial Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. 

He continued, “A highlight for guests taking part in our special RIBs event in Oslo – which came only a few days after the capital’s annual ‘National Day’ celebrations – was the first-ever visit to the picturesque gardens in the Olsen family estate at Hvitsten, located on the atmospheric Oslofjord. 

Fred. Olsen’s new state-of-the-art RIBs – built in Norway – were first introduced last year, with two installed on board Boudicca, and a further two each on Black Watch and Balmoral. Braemar has now received her complement of two new RIBs.  “The impressive, high-speed RIBs have proved very popular since their introduction, as demand grows amongst Fred. Olsen guests for more adventurous experiences and activities – in fact, a recent onboard guest survey identified that 66% would consider taking a Fred. Olsen ‘closer’ RIB excursion in future,” said Peter Deer.

All four ships in the Fred. Olsen fleet have a human scale - large enough to be spacious and comfortable, yet intimate enough to remain friendly and relaxed. This company has steadfastly stuck to its core values, one where passengers can share an unpretentious atmosphere and enjoy camaraderie in the company of a few hundred souls as opposed to a few thousand. 

Unashamedly British, the entertainment takes its cue from the West End rather than Broadway; the currency is the familiar pound as opposed to the mighty dollar; and announcements are made in English rather than a babble of disparate tongues. When it comes to that most sublime cruise pastime of dining, the British palate takes precedence. Chefs ensure that the menus are metaphors for fine-living and good taste rather than the modern taboo of over-imagination.

  • 17th June 2019

Gary Buchanan

Edinburgh-born Gary Buchanan has been a travel writer for over 30 years. He has been a specialist cruise writer for 25 years contributing to leading British publications including national newspapers and consumer magazines. He is the author of five books about cruising and spends over seven months every year at sea sailing the world’s oceans.