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Slump in Sterling

Slump in Sterling

The recent plunge in the value of Sterling following the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has sent ripples through the travel industry. Not only did the pound drop ten per cent against the euro, the exchange rate for the US dollar hit its lowest level since 1985.

Newspapers were full of prophecies along the lines of “many UK holidaymakers travelling abroad will pay more for foreign currency as a result of financial turmoil.” Curiously very few of the doom-laden headlines mentioned how much cruise passengers are protected from these punitive exchange rates.

Unlike holidays in Europe, where costs can mount up when paying for food, drinks and trips in euros, opting for a cruise means you can pay up-front in pounds for almost every element of your holiday, making a significant difference to how far your holiday budget will stretch.

On British cruise lines you not only pay for the entire cruise (inclusive of all food and entertainment) in sterling; on board extras such as drinks, wine, and spa treatments (as well as gratuities) are priced in pounds. Best of all you can pre-pay at the time of booking or sign up on board for all the excursions you want safe in the knowledge that the cost of these won’t hold any nasty surprises. Opting for a British cruise line means that the only euros you’ll require are for the odd coffee ashore, or that souvenir you simply can’t live without.

Cruise lines that insulate you from those pesky exchange rates include P&O Cruises; Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines; Cruise and Maritime Voyages; Saga Cruises; and Thomson Cruises. The currency on board these ships is Sterling; however it’s worth noting that despite its proud British heritage the currency on board Cunard ships is the US dollar.

If you are taking the kids to a European resort hotel or Disney World in Florida added extras can often turn out to be a lot more than you bargained for. With plenty of activities for tots and teenagers, supervised children’s clubs, and night nurseries included on family-oriented cruises, taking your little darlings with you will ensure your trip is tantrum-free.

One thing you can bank on, opting for a cruise won’t leave you cursing the word Brexit when changing pounds at a foreign bureau de change leaves you feeling short-changed. For all the advice you require call 0800 484 0370 or click on www.cruisedirect.co.uk.

  • 30th January 2017