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Upgrading your cabin type

Upgrading your cabin type

Unlike most hotels, there are many different categories of cabin aboard cruise ships. This is due to the evolution of ships over the years from grand liners with three classes of accommodation, to the ultra-modern leviathans conveying over five thousand passengers with a choice of cabins and suites to suit all budgets. For first-time cruisers brochures can often resemble something akin to a page of algebra when it comes to selecting accommodation – and without exception those deck plans on websites not only require a magnifying glass, they give little more than a rough guide to what the selected accommodation will turn out to be like in reality.

For many unwitting cruisers the terms ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ can be a minefield. Imaging if you’ve dreamed of going to sea for years and end up in a cabin with no portholes – let alone windows! For experienced cruisers who are watching the pennies this can be a great option – particularly if they plan on only retiring to their accommodation to sleep, shower and change. But the uninitiated beware.

Some cruise lines offer the chance to select a ‘guaranteed’ cabin. This simply means you’ll be assigned the cabin type you have chosen, not a lower category. Final cabin category and location are at the total discretion of the cruise line – sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised and get an upgrade but don’t hold your breath. If you are an extremely loyal client with the cruise line then the chances of a better billet improve considerably. However, if you just can't stand the thought of being assigned to a cabin close to the disco, or at the front of the ship, you’ll be much happier if you choose your stateroom at the time of booking the cruise.

Standard cabin sizes are comfortable, but not overly spacious and can range anywhere from 120-220 square feet for inside, ocean view or even cabins with balconies. The price differential between a cabin with a large picture window and one with a balcony is often marginal and it’s hard to put a price on having your own retreat high above the waves. Junior Suites are far more lavish and are often 50% larger than regular balcony cabins. If you are the type that enjoy your own personal space and plan on spending a lot of time on your balcony, or just chilling out, then this extra investment can often reap huge rewards.

If there’s one thing most cruise lines cannot guarantee, it’s your own personal space. But with a balcony that problem is solved in the blink of an eye – and once you’ve tasted the sea air and watched the world sail by when lying in bed, you’ll wonder why you ever thought of opting for an oceanview cabin – or Heaven forefend – an inside cabin. For more details about the variety of upgrade options to make your cruise all the more special, call 0808 256 6742.

  • 1st January 2018